A Regulated Cannabis Scheme For Bermuda

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A Regulated Cannabis Scheme For Bermuda


  1. To provide a regulatory and licensing regime to establish a Cannabis scheme in Bermuda. This is designed to meet Government’s stated policy initiative to progressively liberalise Cannabis laws, apace with law reforms in other jurisdictions, and in keeping with public sentiment on the topic. There has been consistent public support and advocacy for full legalisation of Cannabis. The proposed policy sets out the framework of what a regulated Cannabis scheme might look like for Bermuda. It has been principally influenced by existing regulated Cannabis laws in other favourable jurisdictions such as Canada and small island nations in the Caribbean.
  2. The proposed law will establish a Cannabis Advisory Authority, in accordance with international obligations, to advise and assist the Minister responsible for drug prevention in the regulation of the retail sale of Cannabis and Cannabis products, commercial cultivation, research, manufacture and transport of Cannabis. The proposed regulated scheme establishes a licensing system for various activities relating to Cannabis; provides for monitoring, inspection and enforcement powers to be given to inspectors; and proposes to give the Minister the power to give directions to the Authority and related matters.
  3. Cannabis materials, Cannabis products and cultivation of Cannabis and medicinal Cannabis all fall within the scope of the proposed regulated Cannabis scheme.

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