Cannabis Plant Science

Just for clarification purposes, the cannabis plant has two species, marijuana and hemp. Although, only one produces THC, both species are still illegal in some jurisdictions. CANNABIS PLANT (one plant – two species) MARIJUANA (THC) HEMP (CBD) Both species of the cannabis plant can produce multiple products for everyday use, not just the obvious. Hemp produces fiber that can be made into cloth that rivals cotton in …

CBD Seeds

There are an abundance of CBD seed strains to choose from, depending on what health issues you may have. Seeds purchased from a reputable seed bank will be either auto-flowering and/or feminized. Auto-flowering seeds are guaranteed to produce flowers within a specific time frame. Feminized seeds produce female plants that grow flowers without seeds and are more useful than the male counterpart. Sativa and Indica are the parent strains. Sativa is known for its euphoric, creative, uplifting vibe, while Indica is …