CBD Seeds

There are an abundance of CBD seed strains to choose from, depending on what health issues you may have. Seeds purchased from a reputable seed bank will be either auto-flowering and/or feminized. Auto-flowering seeds are guaranteed to produce flowers within a specific time frame. Feminized seeds produce female plants that grow flowers without seeds and are more useful than the male counterpart.

Sativa and Indica are the parent strains. Sativa is known for its euphoric, creative, uplifting vibe, while Indica is known for its relaxed, lazy vibe, great for those fighting insomnia. There are many hybrid strains containing various percentages of either parent. We will explore some hybrid CBD seeds with different growing characteristics and health benefits. Although all hemp plants produce trace amounts of THC, this can be removed during the oil extraction process if need be. Otherwise, there have been strains specifically developed with medical patients in mind that can benefit from the trace amounts of THC (less than 10%).


  • Tall plant with long slim leaves with a bright green color.
  • Great for outdoor growing, produces a smaller harvest than Indica.
  • Produces a euphoric and uplifting “mind” high.
  • Good if you want to remain active.


  • Short bushy plant with darker green broad leaves.
  • Great for indoor growing, produces a larger harvest than Sativa.
  • Produces a Sedating relaxing “body” high.
  • Great for those suffering from insomnia.


  • Short bush with smaller leaves. Lowest production of THC and CBD.
  • Great in cooler/harsher climates i.e. Russia.
  • Has evolved into a weed with little to use other than animal feed.

There are literally thousands of hybrid strains of cannabis containing differing percentages of Indica and Sativa. The creative names given to the strains are usually a combination of each strain used. For example: Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. The combinations go on and on and growers are creating different strains every harvest! There are strains designed for specific health ailments and have received industry recognition for its effectiveness i.e. Charlotte’s Web. Let’s explore some of the seed choices for cultivation.

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