Mindfully Speaking…

There has been a worldwide “awakening” to the use of essential oils and plant based diets to sustain our health & wellness. The increased use and interest in CBD oil and its many benefits is also on the rise across the planet!

Taking CBD Oil for wellness

With the ever-present pressure to vaccinate or NOT, it’s crucial to remain mindful of one thing:
Every being on this planet has an individual responsibility to mind their health by any means necessary.
CBD oil is being used medicinally for a host of health ailments as well topical health and beauty products, edibles, CBD infused coffee and even CBD oil for your furry family members (pets). It is simply amazing at the never-ending creations from one plant species! Choosing to incorporate CBD oil in your health and wellness regime is an individual choice. The negative and dark association with cannabis can be undone simply by changing our vocabulary.

Cannabis is a PLANT, Cannabis is NOT A DRUG
When the vocabulary changes the mindset will follow. Cannabis has always been, and will remain a PLANT. Cannabis was labeled a drug for social and political reasons that are unraveling around the world! Do your own research, and decide for yourself where you stand on the knowledge of the very resourceful cannabis plant and its many byproducts (hemp). Remain mindful, we each have a choice on how we want to maintain our health and longevity and there is no time like the present.
“Every man has a right to decide his own destiny.”
~The Hon. Robert N. Marley

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